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SmartMax My First Build & Drive

Tactile learning is on a roll!

Toddlers will love exploring the unique magnetic blocks, feeling their textures and connecting them in any way they can imagine.

Then, ready for a challenge? Grab the 12 double-sided challenge cards and try to arrange the blocks atop the chassis to match the images.

As kids play, they'll learn all about magnetism, colors, shapes, angles, and basic concepts including above, below, up, and under.

Curiosity rolls into learning with the SmartMax My First Build & Drive set!

SmartMax My First Build & Drive
  • Magnetic chassis and blocks for building unique vehicles
  • Encourages fine motor skills, spatial reasoning, creativity
  • Chunky blocks are easy for little hands to grasp and manipulate
  • Perfect level of magnetism for toddlers to explore
  • Play creatively, or try the 24 challenges - Arrange the blocks to match the pictures!
  • Turn chassis upside down for more difficult building challenges
  • Learn about magnetism, colors, shapes, angles
  • Explore basic concepts including above, below, up, under
  • Includes chassis with 2 building bases, 7 magnetic blocks, 12 double-sided challenge cards
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