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About Us

In October of 2008, Emily and John had their first baby!  They planned to cloth diaper their son but there was no where to buy them, so we opened a cloth diaper website!  While Emily and John were prepared to ship all over the country, only orders came in from local people.  Emily and her baby would make appointments and talk about cloth diapers and visit the stock in her mom’s basement!   

They had so many local customers that they decided in April 2009 to open a brick and mortar store in Ferndale, MI.  It was 900 sq feet and sold only cloth diapers.  Emily and baby worked the store!  It was so popular, they added baby carriers, wood toys, glass bottles and eventually ran out of space.  

In 2010 they moved their shop to 9 Mile Rd in Ferndale and more than doubled their space and changed the name to Modern Natural Baby.   They were there for 3 years and then started bringing in strollers and car seats, and then another move happened in 2013.  It was just a couple doors down but now they are in the current space of over 5,000 sq feet. In 2011, John and Emily had baby #2, and hired our first staff members, Jacklyn and Laura.    We now have an amazing staff of Laura, Kayla, Emily H, Liz, Beth and Erin.

In 2016, John quit his job to help Emily run Modern Natural Baby.  It’s truly a family business that we are so proud of.  Our tiny cloth diaper store has turned into the largest independent baby store in Michigan and one of the largest in the midwest.