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Playmobil 123 | Adventure Tower with Ice Cream Booth

Type: Pretend Play
The Adventure Tower with Ice Cream Booth offers lots of fun features to explore. The ferris wheel is set in motion by turning the handle. And there is a hidden double function: When placing a figure on the platform, it is gradually moved towards the slide until it slides down all by itself. Understanding the cause-and-effect relationships promotes a child's cognitive skills and development. Matching the figures to the appropriate seat and playing colour sorting with the ice cream sticks provides additional play value. This kind of creative play with figures also trains fine motor skills and initiates first role play.
Educational benefits, that support your toddler's development:
      ● Recognise and understand cause-and-effect relationships: How does the ferris wheel turn? How can the figure be made to slide by turning the handle?
        ● Train fine motor skills by placing, moving and sliding figures, turning the handle and playing a game with colourful ice cream sticks
          ● Strengthen visual skills through additional matching games: Pairing the animal print of each figures' shirt with the matching design on each ferris wheel seat creates a new play pattern of "Which figure belongs to which seat?" (example: the figure with cat top is placed in the seat with cat print).
            ● Learning about colours: The colours around the holes to place the ice cream sticks into can be matched to the corresponding ice cream.
              ● First role play with the ice cream stand: Who wants to buy which ice cream? The friendly ice cream seller is happy to help with the selection (play buy & sell).
                  ● The ferris wheel can be set into motion by turning the handle on the back.
                    ● Special feature: turning the handle raises the floor panel on the tower's second floor, causing the figure to automatically move towards the slide and eventually slide down.

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