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Lamaze Stack & Nest Fruit Pals

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by Lamaze
Type: Baby Toys
Sweet and nutritious for young, growing minds!

The strawberry nests inside the pear inside the banana inside the apple. They can all be stacked up tall in almost any order. Plus, the strawberry is also a shaker, and the others all have holes to become rainmakers in the tub.

There are so many ways to explore and discover!

From motor skills to problem-solving to first-time music-making, early tactile learning stacks up with the Lamaze Stack & Nest Fruit Pals.

Lamaze Stack & Nest Fruit Pals
Set of 4 stacking and nesting fruit toys
Encourages sensory learning, fine motor skills, spatial reasoning, cause-and-effect learning
Fruits each open up to nest one inside the other
Strawberry is also a musical shaker
Fruits can be stacked in almost any order
Pear, banana, and apple have holes to become rainmakers in the tub
Great for teaching "big" and "small"
Bright colors, textures, and fun faces engage baby
Includes 4 Fruit Pals - Apple, banana, pear, strawberry
High-quality materials and construction - Lasting durability, exceptionally safe for baby
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