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Knuffle Bunny

Type: Books
A family joins together to rescue a lost "Knuffle Bunny" in this cautionary tale for young, sometimes forgetful, children. It's a story that all families can relate to - the trauma and triumph of a beloved toy lost and found again.

Trixie, her Daddy, and her favorite stuffed animal, Knuffle Bunny, take a trip to the laundromat. Trixie is happy to help her Daddy sort and start the laundry, and then they begin to walk home through the streets of Brooklyn. Trixie realizes that Knuffle Bunny is missing!

Trixie tries and tries to communicate this to her Daddy, but unfortunately, he doesn’t understand her wordless pleas. Mommy, however, understands right away and the whole family rushes back to the laundromat to look for Knuffle Bunny.

In the midst of the chaos, Trixie spots her beloved friend and utters her very first words!

This clever book beautifully juxtaposes crisp black-and-white photographs of Brooklyn with lively animation. Children will relate to Trixie’s plight, while parents will fondly remember the first words of their own children.
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