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Terra Kids Maxi Hand Glider

by Haba
Type: Outdoor

Kids will take flight and pretend they are brave glider pilots, flying through the air with ease!  With 2 different tail positions, for straight flight and loop de loops, this 22 inch Maxi Hand Glider is great for hours of fun and adventures in the great outdoors.

Built using high quality materials and featuring an easily-assembled design, this sturdy plane is a step above the rest. This glider is crafted from premium styrofoam to withstand wear and provides endless aviation fun!

Simply hold the aircraft’s shaft between thumb and pointer, take a running start, toss it into the air, and watch the plane speed through the air! At 22 inches, this toy glider is a great size for kids to comfortably toss and retrieve easily.

Recommended age: 8 years+

SKU: 4010168232898