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Grabease 3 Way Convertible Cup Set | Teal

Our 4 oz convertible cup can be used 3 ways: straw cup, sippy cup, or open cup. The cylinder shaped cup with trim at the base offers maximum stability, and the food grade silicone lid and straw protects baby's gum and teeth. We've also included a 1.5 oz mini open cup for little ones to practice with.

We created a cup that offers 3 options of use, as we never know what will suit our little one best. Some do great with a straw, while others prefer sippy cups. The grabease cup set helps baby transition from one stage to another.

We consulted with OTs and feeding specialists to come up with the perfect cup with toddlers' perspectives in mind. For example, one feature is the clear, colorless cup – the textured pattern enhances grasp sensory awareness, and when your little one is able to see the liquid in the cup, visual feedback helps them understand that the liquid is pouring into their mouth as they tilt their cup.
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