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Foxy Burrow Grey Fox Dad


Welcome to the magical world of FOXY BURROW!  Foxy Burrow is a line of miniature pretend play fox families that will inspire young imaginations to explore forests, leap in meadows, and cross babbling brooks.  Best of all, at the end of an imaginative play day, they can snuggle in their burrows with their fox family.  A portion of the proceeds go to support local U.S. based fox rescue programs. 

The charming members of our Gray Fox Family. Their sleek and elegant appearance, with hints of silver and gray, will capture your heart. These cotton toy foxes are skillfully handmade, bringing a touch of nature's beauty into your playtime. Let your imagination run wild as you embark on countless imaginative escapades with these delightful companions.

About SaveAFox Rescue: SaveAFox Rescue is located in central Minnesota. Many of the foxes at SaveAFox come from fur farms, as pet surrenders, or seized from their owners as the result of a illegal situation and then brought to SaveAFox. Most of the fur farm foxes at SaveAFox are given to us because they are orphaned, imperfect coats, sick, or injured, and therefore a liability or of no value to a fur farmer. Some pet surrenders come to us because people purchase a fox without understanding how extremely difficult, they are to care for, while other pet foxes we receive were seized by authorities after found being kept illegally. To date, they have rescued approximately 150 foxes from certain death. SaveAFox’s Mission Statement: “To rescue and provide forever homes for captiveborn, non-releasable wildlife.”

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