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Timber Tots Side Car

Type: Vehicles
The classic Timber Tots are back, reimagined with new colors, features, and accessories!

It's easy to zip from one end of the forest to the other FAST with this unique little three-wheeler.

The three rubber-lined wheels roll smoothly and quietly. Meanwhile, the transparent top opens up to reveal a space for a little forest critter driver, plus the top transforms into a sidecar with a peg for holding a second forest critter.

No matter where you need to go, you're sure to get there right on time with the Timber Tots Side Car!

Timber Tots Side Car
Three-wheeler toy for Timber Tots characters to ride in
Encourages fine motor skills, imaginative play, storytelling, creativity
A classic adventure, refreshed
The three rubber-lined wheels roll smooth and FAST
Roof opens up, becomes a sidecar with a peg for holding a second critter character
Includes one three-wheeler, one Tim the Chipmunk character
High-quality materials and construction - Lasting durability
SKU: 811802024831