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Educating Amy | Montessori Practical Skills Play Book

Type: Book

Recommended Age: 24-48 months

Educating AMY creates handmade playbooks grounded in scientific developments, strong social values, and play. Their books are compact, soft, car-safe, fabric playbooks packed with age-appropriate, brain-building activities that encourage confidence and problem-solving on every page. They also educate girls living in poor economic communities to end poverty.

Educating AMY Montessori Practical Skills playbook is super compact. It includes various activities designed to help your child develop critical skills like color and shape recognition, fine motor skills (such as buckling, buttoning, and lacing), and even magnetic fishing, which is excellent for developing hand-eye coordination in a super fun way! With plenty of opportunities for creative play and routine practice, this book is sure to keep your child engaged and learning for hours on end.

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