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Dino Block

by Abrams
Type: Books

Explore the world of dinosaurs in Dinoblock―the niftiest addition to Abrams Block Book series! Let your aspiring paleontologists study for hours on end and learn about these creatures in a unique and exciting way with comparisons to everyday objects. From the heaviest Argentinosaurus to the speedy Eoraptor, to every child’s favorite T. rex, the Denizens from Jurassic, Triassic, and Cretaceous periods are all featured. Don’t worry, there's even a pronunciation guide for those long, scientific names. Dinoblock brings it all together with die-cut shapes on every spread, durable interactive pages and a grand finale spread that unfolds 21 inches wide, revealing all the amazing dinosaurs mentioned - all with bright, animated art from Peski Studio. This must-have book is the perfect gift for the young paleontologist in your family!

SKU: 9781419716744