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Micro Kickboard Mini2Grow Deluxe Magic LED

Type: RidingToys
Color - Pink

An innovation in toddler mobility. A multi-adaptable ride-on, trike, toddler scooter, and big-kid scooter. Perfectly attuned to suit each stage of your child’s development. One product to last your child from their first steps to their first year at school. 

The Micro Mini2Grow Magic Scooter is the perfect companion for the first years of your child's life. Thanks to its multifunctionality, it can be used starting from the age of 12 months and will accompany your child until at least the age of six. The 4 stages have been seamlessly designed to be in step with each stage of your child’s growth development.

The innovative and ergonomic all-in-one scooter can be used in four different variations: at the very beginning with seat, two footrest options, and push bar for the parents; later on without the parent’s push bar, as a mix between balance bike & scooter; as a starter scooter for young riders; and finally as a classic Micro Mini Deluxe Scooter with Magic LED light bulbs on the adjustable handlebar, plus LED wheels. 

The push bar for the parents can be used vertically, in addition to the standard horizontal position. This means that only one hand is needed for pushing, thus protecting the wrist and muscles. 

In addition, the Micro Mini2Grow Magic Scooter offers the best-quality features from  across all of Micro’s products, with a height-adjustable handlebar, a patented lean-to-steer mechanism, and an extra grippy footboard for young riders.

  • Four rides, all in one box!
  • The Micro Mini2Grow Magic Scooter has four configurations to help keep your child smiling and active, from age 1 to age 6.
  • The "Magic" means your kid's handlebars light up in a rainbow of colors with every touch, and bright white LED lights in the wheels glow when the scooter is in motion.
1️⃣ Parent-Assist-Steered Ride-On Trike (ages 12mo+)
2️⃣ Independent Ride-On Trike (ages 18mo+)
3️⃣ My First Micro Mini Scooter (ages 24mo+)
4️⃣ Big Kid Micro Mini Scooter (ages 2-6 years)
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