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Boogie Board Sketch Studio

A mess free kit that helps kids learn
to draw.

Cartoon faces, people, and animals.
Mess free drawing, doodling, and playing.
Start over with the touch of a button.
Keep it all together with the storage case.

In Stage 1 (Templates 1-6), simple geometric shapes become a key component of a child’s developmental and observatory drawing skills. Basic symbols and shapes such as circles, triangles, and squares become the foundation on which your child will begin to develop.

In Stage 2 (Templates 7-12), we take what was learned in Stage 1 and build upon those skills by adding slightly more context to their art. Your child will begin to understanding spacial relationships, new shapes/symbols, repetition, and defining a subject or character.

In Stage 3 (Templates 13-21), your child now has a fair understanding of the basics of drawing and how objects relate to one another by use of new techniques like overlapping, foreshortening, and scale. In this stage, your child’s new attention to detail aids in their goal to achieve a more realistic drawing.
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