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Zip Top Sandwich Bag Grey

by Zip Top
The end of floppy bags and single-use plastic trash.
The first sandwich bag that stands up, stays open and zips shut. Perfect for snacks and lunches at work, school or wherever. Our bag actually gets clean in the dishwasher with its open rounded interior.

Food grade
Freezer safe
Microwave safe
Dishwasher safe

Better for You
Made with 100% platinum silicone, they won't leach harmful chemicals like plastics can. Zip Top containers are completely free of BPA, lead, PVC, and phthalates.

Better for the Planet
Zip Top was designed with the environment in mind. One Zip Top can replace 5000+ disposable bags. The average family can use up to 2000 plastic bags a year. That's a lot of trash!

So Versatile
Use Zip Top containers for food prep, cooking, lunches, left overs, snacks on the go, travel, food storage, crafting and just about anything you can imagine.

Height: 7"
Width: 7.5"
Depth: 1.5"
Volume: 24 oz/ 710 ml
SKU: 850002922066
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