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Wikki Stix One-of-a-kind Fixables

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An inexpensive item that will be remembered. 24 Wikki Stix, plus idea sheet showing tons of ways Wikki Stix can provide a temporary fix for all kinds of problems. This is one item everyone will appreciate!

Here are some really helpful ways Wikki Stix can be used around the house:

Hard to open jars or bottles? Wrap a Wikki around the top & it will unscrew easily.
Emergency repair for watchbands, jewelry and eyeglasses.
Sports Equipment… slippery grips will be easier to hold if you wrap a few Wikkies around them… at least until you can get them properly re-gripped.
Extension cords… wrap and secure with a Wikki.
Hard to retrieve items? Drop something small behind the couch or counter? Put a couple of Wikkies on the end of a broom handle or coat hanger, and the item will stick right on for easy retrieval.
Workshop… keep nails, tacks, nuts, bolts, washers… any small hardware… in neat order.
Around the house: Tie snack bags shut… secure candles in the holder… circle important dates on the calendar… turn any note into a post-it note!
Holiday/Festive uses: Secure lights onto Christmas tree, cord into branches, outside lights onto nails. Attach decorations to a wreath! Wrap around the stem of a wine glass to identify.
Sewing/Fix-it drawers: Keep safety pins and buttons neatly arranged for quick repairs!
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