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Thirsties Mini Wet Bag

Type: Wet Bags
Color - Fig
Reusable bags are not only economical and Earth-friendly, but now they’re fashionable, too. Introducing Thirsties’ Mini Wet Bag! Do you need a smaller bag to hold a few diapers when you’re on the go, or do you reach for a disposable plastic bag when you pack your leaky toiletries in your suitcase? Grab a Thirsties Mini Wet Bag instead! The waterproof TPU interior prevents leaking and wicking, and the color-coordinated strap makes it easy to carry. Plus, with Thirsties’ fun, signature prints, your stuff will never look better!

Waterproof TPU interior prevents leaking and wicking
Bag measures 11.5”W X 8.75”H
Fits 3-4 cloth diapers
Zipper closure keeps all your things in
Protect the environment - Bags are suitable for all ages and eliminate the need to use disposable plastic bags
Cute, color-coordinated strap can be used to hang bag
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