The Vaccine Book

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Almost every parent has questions about childhood vaccines, but nobody
can offer complete, authoritative, unbiased answers . . . until now. In The
Vaccine Book, Dr. Bob Sears explores the childcare question of the
decade, “Should you vaccinate your child?”

Vaccines have become the most controversial topic for parents and doctors today.
Most of you want to vaccinate your children, but you also want to know about the risks
and side effects of the shots. You don’t just want to be told, “Vaccines are perfectly safe and none of the concerns you read about in the media and on the internet have been proven to be true.” You want, and deserve, a fair, scientific and straightforward discussion of the shots you are giving your child.

You also want to know the risks of the diseases themselves. Which ones are most common and severe? Which are fairly rare and often mild? You want to fully understand the diseases you are protecting your child from. You want complete information on the pros and cons of vaccines.

My greatest passion as a pediatrician and a father of three children is to equip America’s parents with all the information you need to understand your child’s vaccines and make an educated decision. I have created TheVaccineBook.com because vaccine information and research is constantly changing. New vaccines come into play, and older vaccines are taken off the market. New problems are found, and old problems are solved. TheVaccineBook.com is designed to be an interactive supplement to The Vaccine Book to provide you with the most up-to-date information on vaccines, offer you resources to help you with your vaccine decisions, and to interact with me, Dr. Bob, online.
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