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Straw Long Straight

Color - Aquamarine
Strawesome glass straws are a handcrafted and beautifully-made alternative to plastic straws. Sip easy knowing you’re making a difference with a straw that feels extra-special. Each ten-inch straw is made in Michigan with super-durable, non-toxic borosilicate glass. This material is used in the windows of space shuttles, and can handle extreme temperatures. The straw is safe to go through the dishwasher, and because you can see through it, you know it’s really clean. Guaranteed to last a lifetime.

Made in the USA: Milford, MI
Materials: BPA-free non-toxic borosilicate glass
Care: Dishwasher safe, alternatively clean with glass straw cleaning brush (not included). See full care instructions
Includes: one 10" straw
Glass can withstand temperatures up to 1500° Fahrenheit
Width is similar to a typical restaurant straw, good for thinner liquids
Durable and reusable, reduces waste from plastic straws
For cold and hot beverages
Great for protecting teeth from stains from coffee, tea, and wine
Lifetime warranty
Additional carrying case sold separately. Case does not fit 10" straws
Please note: Not intended for use with smoothies
Dimensions: 10" x 0.36" diameter
Weight: 0.06 lb.
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