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Memoirs Of A Goldfish

Type: Books
Goldfish Loves His Bowl — Until a Bunch of New Neighbors Show Up!

Goldfish's life is pretty simple. He swims around his bowl. He swims around his bowl again. But, one day, he gets some company, a diver figurine that just bubbles and bubbles but doesn't say a word. And the new additions don't stop there. Some plants suddenly appear, and then a snail, and a very crabby crab named Fred. Before long there's a big angelfish named Cha Cha and a pair of guppies, too. With so many new neighbors, there's barely any room to swim! What's Goldfish going to do?

Overflowing with humor and bright, expressive illustrations, this book is sure to make young readers laugh. It's a great story for anyone who has ever had to start sharing a space that was once his or hers alone. In the end, Goldfish gets his own bowl once again but finds that he really misses his friends. Luckily, the next day he is reunited with them in a nice big aquarium.
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