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Let's Taco About How Great You

Type: Books
A pun-filled, fun-filled food-filled gift book celebrating YOU! Ideal for graduation or any time a kid is celebrated.

Hey, kid, let’s TACO about how great you are. DONUT how you do it. You always find a RAISIN to smile.

Advice, pep-talks, smiles, and silly puns aplenty are DISHED out (see what I did there?) in this bright, festive gift book that celebrates the reader on every page. Ideal for graduation, birthdays, and big milestones in a kid’s life, here is a picture book that tells your young superstar that you are hap-PEA to know them and they can’t be BEET. So LETTUCE all yell, “Yay, you!”

Features a bookplate in the opening pages to personalize for easy gift-giving.
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