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It's You Babe V2 Supporter

Type: Pregnancy
The V2 Support is hand-tailored and provides compression therapy to the pubic area. By wearing the V2 Supporter before rising in the morning, excessive swelling, engorgement and protrusion can be prevented. The V2 Support compression bridge applies pressure to reduce or restrict engorgement of the veins in the pubic region. Vulvar varicosities are thought to be a result of an increase in blood volume during pregnancy, coupled with naturally higher levels of estrogen and progesterone that result in the veins becoming distended, and popping out as vulvar varicosities.

Pelvic floor support
For the feeling “everything is going to fall out the bottom
Ease pain & swelling from vulvar varicosities
Supports prolapsed bladder & prolapsed uterus

Take your band measurement below the belly button and just above the pubic bone. Measure up and around the small of your back to get the full measurement.

Petite: 24-28"
Small: 28-35"
Medium: 36-44"
Large: 45-54"
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