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I Am Affirmations Coloring Book


I AM AFFIRMATIONS: FOR BOOSTING CONFIDENCE, SELF LOVE, AND GRATITUDE. THIS BOOK IS GREAT FOR ALL AGES! Feel like you could use a boost of self confidence and self love? This beautifully illustrated coloring book uses powerful I AM affirmations to remind you of your own greatness and self-worth. Use this creative tool to take a much needed pause from your busy life, quiet your mind, and let your beauty flow from within. Each page contains a captivating illustration and empowering affirmation, with 20 engaging pages in total to choose from. This hands-on resource will uplift your soul, boost your confidence, unlock your inner beauty and help you realize the importance of all the gifts that live within you. Take your time with each page, letting your uniqueness and individuality flow as you color each design and repeat each affirmation. Give this as a gift to help a loved one unlock their most powerful self or use it as a daily meditation activity for you and your kids.

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