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Hape Tree Planting E-Car

by Hape
Type: Doll House
  • Suitable for 3Y and above
  • This “electric” car is more than just that – it digs, plants trees and gets re-charged by its own rotating wind turbine, connected to a tree with a hammock! The little baby sloth driver Aria is as cute as can be.
  • “Charge” the car with the plug, which is powered by the rotating wind turbine with the cool green lightning bolt. Aria can chill out on the hammock, then get in the car, haul a tree, dig a hole with a shovel, plant the tree and water it with a hose.
  • Your child will love the creative play that this toy inspires. It encourages sustainable living in your child’s young mind. They’ll love the role-play with the nature-loving baby sloth
  •  This is the perfect toy for your preschooler or a kindergarten-age kid who loves nature and animals.

Product Description

What better way to help your child learn the importance of the environment than with an adorable role-playing toy that encourages sustainability? Watch your kid’s imagination take off as they make believe with the baby sloth driver, “electric” car, wind turbine and tree-planting kit in this awesome play set.

The tall tree has a rotating wind turbine, which powers up a charging device for the car. The baby sloth driver can chill out in a hammock while the battery “re-charges.” The toy e-car has a crane and hook to lift a tiny tree out of the back, and the sloth can use a little shovel to make a hole. Plant the tree, then use the water pump to water it!

This adorable toy will encourage an environmentally-friendly lifestyle for your little one from an early age.

Your kid will be having so much fun, they might not even realize they're learning about wind energy, sustainable forests and lowering their carbon footprint.

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