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Haba Karuba Tile Laying Puzzle Game

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by Haba
Type: Games
Ages: 4-8
Players: 1-4
Game Length: 5-10 minutes
Every family is sure to enjoy this exciting junior variant of our most popular family game "Karuba"!

Cooperation is the only way to win against the mean pirates! Help each other during the game, discuss moves and give each other tips about where a tile fits well. Did you manage to connect all three treasure tiles with the beach via an unbroken path? And is an adventurer standing on each of the treasure tiles? Great! You win! If you get lost in the jungle (can't place anymore tiles) or if the pirate ship reached the last space on the beach first, sadly you have lost and the pirates have won. Try again right away!


28 tiles
2 game board pieces
3 adventurers
1 pirate ship
1 set of game instructions
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