Haba Wobble King

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by Haba
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King Leo dozes off now and then, although he should really be keeping an eye on his valuable silver treasure! This is the chance that the players have been waiting for! They slip into the role of daring thieves and try to retrieve the silver nuggets from underneath the game board using a wooden stick. They they must carefully place the nuggets on top of the game board. A really wobbly affair that requires skill and a steady hand. And of course you must not get caught by King Leo.
1 game board, 1 King Leo wooden figure, 18 silver nuggets, 1 wooden stick, 5 tomato tiles, 1 set of instructions.
Short game instructions:
• Place the game board on the table on top of the silver nuggets. Place the lion figure on the marked field on the game board. Keep the tomato tiles and wooden stick handy.
• Take turns carefully using the stick to retrieve silver nuggets from under the game board and placing them on the fields on the game board.
• A round lasts until the game board or the lion tips, and the responsible player takes a tomato tile, or until all the fields on the game board have a silver nugget on them.
• Then set up the game board again as described above.
• The rounds continue until one player has received two tomato tiles. This player loses and the other players win together.
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