Timber Tots Bathtub Bay

Type: Bath Toys
There's so much to explore at Bathtub Bay!

Slide the fish to bring Polo out to play, then pour water into the top with the boat. Some water showers onto Polo while more pours from the branch to spin the propeller and splash the crab.

The crab changes color when wet!

It also features a slide on the side for slip-slidin' action and suction cups on the back for easily attaching to any tub or shower wall.

Turn the bathtub into a bay of play with the Timber Tots Bathtub Bay playset!

Timber Tots Bathtub Bay
Timber Tots playset built for the bath, comes with one character
Encourages fine motor skills, cause-effect learning, imaginative play
Slide fish - Front door opens and Polo character slides out
Pour water into the top of the tree - Water sprays onto Polo, pours onto propeller and onto crab
Crab changes color when wet
Features slide that drops characters into the boat
Boat doubles as a water scoop
Sticks to bathtub or shower wall with suction cups on the back
Includes playset, Polo the walrus
High-quality materials and construction - Lasting durability
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